GUPTER PUNCHER: Issue 5 preview

In Gupter Puncher/Oli Johns on February 12, 2010 at 1:13 pm

The next issue is almost done.

If I had to guess, I’d say it’ll be out by Feb. 25th. But there’s usually a fuck up in the printing department, so who knows?

But when it does come, the theme will be religion.

Probably not Islam though. I don’t want to die for a magazine read by five people.

Would extremists find a copy of Gupter Puncher?

It’s unlikely, but…as soon as you satirise something, the something will find out…

So, no Islam.

But there will be other things.


Donald Barthelme goes to Church, 2nd floor. – an anxious man goes to a church gig in Hong Kong and lets his anxiety run away with itself.

The Death and Birth of Johnny the Baptist – A story by Daisy, with a picture of Martin Sheen coming out of the smoky water in ‘Nam attached to it. It’s very good, this one…

Anchorite – Something bizarre by Lawrence. I think it attacks asceticism, but there’s no punctuation so I can’t be sure.

U2 Deconstruction – Bono and The Edge and the other guy become plumbers, because their lyrics say so…

Also, something from Jenn, and a wacko story from Gerard Jones, probably the most famous writer among writers out there.

Reviews of Robin Hood, I love you Phillip Morris and The Expendables. Guess which one gets four stars…

What else?

The usual other stuff, I guess…Captain Wong, Nikolai, Politics…and Tomomi behind the scenes on probably the biggest film of the summer. I won’t tell you which one, but you should know…and yes, she’s acting in it. Bless her.

Oh yeah, a final note: This issue of Gupter Puncher will be the last one in Hong Kong, as I am moving to Austin, Texas in the autumn and will need to save some cash between now and then.

If anyone from HK wants to continue reading, just come to this site over and over and over…

And New York, London, Sydney, Melbourne, Austin, San Francisco, LaCoruna and Fresno…the mag will still be with you, but not until December.

If you want to know where to pick up a copy, go to WHERE TO FIND on the home page.


NOTE: There is no WHERE TO FIND page yet. But there will be soon.

  1. i found you guys on a subway platform. but you still havnt found me.

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