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Gupter Puncher – Zizek Press

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Gupter has died.

If you wanna see what it turned into…

Aventura no mas [Agua Caliente]

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Here we are, that’s Agua Caliente. Yes, I have many friends here.”

  • El Indio


There is no apple tree where they shot apples off the apple tree. There is no door where Indio surprised the colonel and shot the rifle out of his hand. There is no-…

There is a school where the Colonel opened the safe.

There are satellite dishes and cars.

There are children in adidas shirts.

When the chimes end, pick up your gun. Try and shoot me, Colonel. Just try…”

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Green Hornet/Scott Pilgrim [SPOILER REVIEWS]

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I’m probably a little late with the Scott Pilgrim notes, but no one saw it at the cinema anyway so I might get away with it. Green Hornet is right now, so we’re good.

Actually, I’ve just checked and Green Hornet has been on release for a few weeks now. Fuck. And I’ve just based most of issue 8 of the mag all around that fucking film, and already it’s dated.

And now I’m writing notes on it. Does it matter?

I wonder what Seth Rogen thinks about all this?


Seth Rogen sits alone in a cafe, slimmer than usual, and writes [in his Cheshire Cat notepad];

‘Outrun the backlash’…impossible?

Gotta make a plan…iron-tight plan…

Option 1: Flay Pineapple?

Could work…if people think I’m already down then they might let me stand back up? But…don’t they

kick when you’re down?

I don’t know, I think they might kick.

Expansion – Flay Pineapple and that other one…Jody’s film…no one really saw it, so bring it back up

in interviews and make them think i’m really down…like, on my knees down…begging like Haim…

Won’t they still kick?

He puts the pen in his mouth and looks around to see if anyone’s recognised him. Everyone seems busy,

distracted. One couple are complaining about Ryan Reynolds, the woman saying he’s treading water,

the man saying he shouldn’t be in the water in the first place.

The pen goes back down.

The fuckers always kick.

Don’t they know I’m trying here…?

Fuck it, they think they’re smart, but I’m smarter…I’ll show them some fucking brains…some fucking

brainwork… Read the rest of this entry »

Barthelme and the writing dead[and how they can write better]

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The ideal state of the critic, for Barthelme, is confusion…”

Donald Barthelme is dead, but not spent.

We’ll begin with the first tip and work our way workman-like to the last:

1] ‘No two sentences should be alike.’

A decent point. At its peak, we get a story like that one he did with King Kong. [He [KK] climbed through a window into a cocktail party of academics] Or his reworking of Snow White. If you haven’t read it, Snow White is a slut, living and sleeping with the dwarfs in a New York tenement or building. [Tenement – definition?] The Prince spies on her from a bunker underground. And the wicked witch goes through the phone book and tells strangers how easy it is to get their numbers.

But actually…more than two sentences in this are alike…not the exact same sentence, but similar…

A correction to this: [If Barthelme were alive again and could think the same way he thought before]…

no two ideas should be alike.

This makes more sense. No two pages of Snow White are twins.

Maybe there’s more to write about this one? More than two sentences…it’s a call to innovation, isn’t it? But how do we have this debate? Read the rest of this entry »

Interview: Darren Aronofsky [Black Swan, Pi, Gone Fishin’]

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Aronofsky, tall-ish, rake-ish, ‘don’t call me intellectual, I’m just a regular guy’-ish, walks into the room with a scowl on his face.

Gupter Puncher, tramp-ish, offers him part of the couch.

ARONOFSKY: What is this place? A hostel?

GUPTER PUNCHER: Yes. [Pause] I thought it would be different.

On a nearby couch, some Australian guy: ‘it’s money, yeah, but I ain’t cleaning no toilets, mate.’

ARONOFSKY: You brought me to a hostel?

GUPTER PUNCHER: Sorry…that guy, he’ll probably leave in a minute. It’ll be better then.

ARONOFSKY: A hostel?

GUPTER PUNCHER: It’s not that bad. [He points to a curtain at the back of the room] There’s a cinema room over there. I think they’ve got…yeah, you can hear it. [He listens to the movie playing behind the curtain]. I think it’s Euro trip. Read the rest of this entry »

Gupter Puncher Issue 8 [Preview]

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               Gupter Puncher is alive!

Gupter Puncher has returned from the desert highway of Los Albaricoques, and the snowy snow of Bolzano, and…LaCoruna…

…and somewhere along the way picked issue 8 of Gupter out of the dirt.

It will be in London, New York, and I don’t really know why, LA.

There will be:

Wahlberg on Wahlberg: Retrospective of Marky Mark’s films, including the one where he talks to a plant and pretends to know science.

John Cusack looking homeless

El Indio

Interview with a Hong Kong film director that no one outside of HK knows…

Review of Pirates 4

and The Adjustment Bureau

and Sucker Punch

and The Green Lantern

and Paul

and The Belgrade Phantom

and Confessions [a Japanese film]


fuck i’m running out of computer battery…someone’s using the microwave in the hostel…gotta go.,..