Gupter Puncher Issue 8 [Preview]

In Uncategorized on January 13, 2011 at 10:13 pm

               Gupter Puncher is alive!

Gupter Puncher has returned from the desert highway of Los Albaricoques, and the snowy snow of Bolzano, and…LaCoruna…

…and somewhere along the way picked issue 8 of Gupter out of the dirt.

It will be in London, New York, and I don’t really know why, LA.

There will be:

Wahlberg on Wahlberg: Retrospective of Marky Mark’s films, including the one where he talks to a plant and pretends to know science.

John Cusack looking homeless

El Indio

Interview with a Hong Kong film director that no one outside of HK knows…

Review of Pirates 4

and The Adjustment Bureau

and Sucker Punch

and The Green Lantern

and Paul

and The Belgrade Phantom

and Confessions [a Japanese film]


fuck i’m running out of computer battery…someone’s using the microwave in the hostel…gotta go.,..

  1. Bring it!!!!

  2. It looks delicious, can’t wait to read it……I hope it will be in Hong Kong too.

  3. Sorry, HK won’t have Gupter anymore.

    If you want a copy, just e-mail me a postal address and I’ll send you one.


  4. Hey, it’s La Coruña, two words, with an “ñ”. It might seem like a small difference, but I don’t go around saying I come from Loñdoñ, do I?

    And the other places you mentioned were given some atmospheric description. What did Coruña get? Ellipses?

    We deserve better than ellipses, Oli.

    Other than that, as you were.


    • I can’t do the little squiggle on my comp, sorry man.

      I’ll think of how to describe La Coruna and get back to you.


  5. . . . and “indescribable” won’t count!

  6. I don’t know, man, all i can think of is ‘the Brighton of Spain’.

    Is that decent enough?

    I guess you could talk about the castle, but they wouldn’t let me in to see it. Or the ‘Razor’ and it’s underground car park. Or any of the underground car parks. If La Coruna is nuked in the next Indiana Jones film, Harry Ford can hide there instead of looking for another fridge.

    Btw, has that gang of five girls who stabbed the office lady been caught yet?

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