Interview: Darren Aronofsky [Black Swan, Pi, Gone Fishin’]

In Gupter Puncher/Oli Johns on January 17, 2011 at 6:03 pm


Aronofsky, tall-ish, rake-ish, ‘don’t call me intellectual, I’m just a regular guy’-ish, walks into the room with a scowl on his face.

Gupter Puncher, tramp-ish, offers him part of the couch.

ARONOFSKY: What is this place? A hostel?

GUPTER PUNCHER: Yes. [Pause] I thought it would be different.

On a nearby couch, some Australian guy: ‘it’s money, yeah, but I ain’t cleaning no toilets, mate.’

ARONOFSKY: You brought me to a hostel?

GUPTER PUNCHER: Sorry…that guy, he’ll probably leave in a minute. It’ll be better then.

ARONOFSKY: A hostel?

GUPTER PUNCHER: It’s not that bad. [He points to a curtain at the back of the room] There’s a cinema room over there. I think they’ve got…yeah, you can hear it. [He listens to the movie playing behind the curtain]. I think it’s Euro trip.

Aronofsky glares at him.

ARONOFSKY: Just…ask your questions.

GUPTER PUNCHER: Ok, err…questions…

The Australian guy’s friend, from the nearby couch: ‘Jeez, you were gone, mate…you were trashed…yeah, no, no, no…I come in, mate…I come in and you’re pissing in the microwave. No shit, in the fucking microwave.’

ARONOFSKY: You’ve got five minutes.

GUPTER PUNCHER: Five minutes? Err, okay…right, question one. Black Swan, your latest film-…

ARONOFSKY: No, not that one.


ARONOFSKY: Not that one, not Black Swan.

GUPTER PUNCHER: But it’s your-…

ARONOFSKY: Really, I’ve talked too much, too many times. There are no more anecdotes…no more…nothing to add. No, I can’t…I won’t…



GUPTER PUNCHER: Even if I ask you something different?

ARONOFSKY: I shall not answer.

GUPTER PUNCHER: Hmm, okay. [Pause] Let’s try…

ARONOFSKY: Two minutes. 

GUPTER PUNCHER: Man, already? Shit…okay, okay…your next film…it’s rumoured you were circling a Robocop remake, but now they’re saying you’re attached to Wolverine 2…

ARONOFSKY: The Wolverine.


ARONOFSKY: It’s The Wolverine. There’s no number. It’s not a sequel.



GUPTER PUNCHER: So you’re definitely not doing Robocop then?


GUPTER PUNCHER: Was it a tough choice? I mean, Robocop’s a decent-…

ARONOFSKY: Robocop…Wolverine…who gives a fuck? They’re both metal.

GUPTER PUNCHER: Yeah, I guess they are.

The Australian guy stands up and stretches out. ‘This is fucking bullshit, man. I’m not doing this shit anymore, seriously…I’m gonna go on benefits or some shit like that…rape the system, dude…date-rape the system like a fucking immo…’

ARONOFSKY: Ok, I’m done.

GUPTER PUNCHER: Already? But we didn’t talk about Wolverine 2…

ARONOFSKY: No, I’m done. [Pause] Okay, it’s set in Japan, Jackman’s in it, he doesn’t know who he is. There’s fighting, emotion, all that shit. There you go, now we’re even.

GUPTER PUNCHER: Will Ryan Reynolds be in it?

ARONOFSKY: No. Why? Why would-…no, of course he’s not in it.

GUPTER PUNCHER: Will Robocop cameo?

ARONOFSKY: Are you shitting me? Robocop? [He gets his jacket] I don’t even know why I took this thing off. [He walks out then walks right back in] Where’s the exit to this fucking place?

The Australian guy comes over and puts an arm around Aronofsky, and says ‘chill out, man. We’re all in the same boat.’

ARONOFSKY: [Sean Penn face] What?

AUSTRALIAN: But I’ll tell you what, mate…I’ll tell you what…we’re not cleaning toilets. We’ll never have to clean toilets.

GUPTER PUNCHER: The exit’s straight ahead, man. First door you see.

Aronofsky unlatches the arm of the Oz guy and walks out, his scarf trailing behind him.


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