What this is

This is Gupter Puncher Magazine.

In the gutters of Hong Kong, Sydney, Melbourne, London, Philadelphia, La Coruna, San Francisco, Chicago, Fresno[!!] and New York.

No advertisements. Ever.

Chevy Chase. Yes.

Created, written, paid for and distributed by Oli.

Also on Facebook and Fuckbook. ‘Gupter Puncher is Alive’ – join this group and you’ll know when something new happens here.

  1. So, what is it with this obsession with Hollywood celebrities?

  2. Everyone knows film, man.

    Though most of HK had no fucking clue who Chevy Chase was.


  3. Arrived a Disgruntled Old Coot and serendipitously departed in the same state of inner turmoil and colonic complexity bordering on naval lintedness.

  4. Dude, I found your magazine today at Uni of HK…and it is AWESOME! You have to do more!

    I’m gonna tell everyone I know, for the next fifty years about it’s greatness haha.

  5. Thanks, man.

    Don’t just tell them, round them up and march them to the site.

    Btw, i didn’t know there were any mags left at the Uni. Did you dig it out of a bin?


  6. hey…i just heard from the guy at ‘after school’ that you are going to stop publishing this?? Please don’t, I am a huge fan…I LOVE IT!

  7. Ha, it was never published, just printed. And yeah, I’ve got to take a break for a while as I’m moving to Toronto.

    Hopefully the mag will be back somewhere by the end of the year or the start of next. But not in HK. Sorry.

    I’ll keep putting stuff on here though, if you’re that eager?


  8. It’s in Ireland as well. Just to let you know…

  9. I just moved to Hong Kong from Oakland CA. I found your mag in a sandwich shop in North Point It made me feel so at home.
    The writing is excellent I loved it.
    If you’re no longer in HK I’ll look for you online.

    Melissa Beth

    • Sandwich shop in North Point? I guess the mag’s got legs cos i can’t remember putting any there.

      I aim specifically for Oakland people, and you’re the first I’ve ever hit. Thanks.


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