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This is all the stuff from the first four issues.
Issue 1
Looking for Gupter

Slumdog set report

The Artlands of Hong Kong

Issue 2
Fante in Koreatown

The Asian Man in Hollywood

Issue 3
Christian Slater Vs Thomas Pynchon

Clint Eastwood Vs Thomas Pynchon

Dennis Hopper Vs Thomas Pynchon

Jack Nicholson Vs Thomas Pynchon

William Shatner Vs Thomas Pynchon

Issue 4
A fusion of Scrooge[McDuck] and how the poor die

Chevy Chase and the cold war with Aykroyd

Die Hard and the anti-narrative narrative

Dumble One and Dumble Two, playing with sex

Long nights in winter . . .

Panda and his bubble

  1. I’m responding because I hate to see that tag saying No Responses!

  2. Why am I still the only response?

  3. Because no one really gives a shit?

    Seriously man, i don’t know why people don’t leave comments. I guess they look at the posts more than this area, but that doesn’t get much action either.

    But then, i don’t leave comments when i visit other sites…

  4. I do… now and then… And thanks for the mags by the way. The last issue was wild! Seriously wild! I decided to read it upside down. That seemed to be the only way to give it its due respect. This is how avant garde indi literature should be. It made me want to wear flares again. How on earth are you going to do this in Toronto? And why Toronto? I mean, Austin Texas was completely beyond the pale, and thus ideal for insanity. But Toronto? Beside being named after the Lone Ranger’s side kick, what else does it have going for it?

  5. Thanks man, i was aiming for oddball and i think i got it with that last mag.

    Toronto is on because i have a friend who wants to open the book cafe thing with me. It makes no kind of other sense to go there, but it’s probably a step up from HK, as in people are more likely to read an English lang mag…right?

    And Gupter mag will never die, unless the writing turns to shit.

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