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Eight Cuts Gallery Press [Promotional Reel]

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The Industry so far…



Interview with Junot Diaz [1]

Irony. If you can put it in a nutshell then it’s not worth saying. Y’know? And that’s ironic. Irony. The meaning of the word.”



Bret Easton Ellis faints after self-describing “absolute, immortal importance” of new book, ‘Imperial Bedrooms.’

Johnny Franzen soaks up the acclaim for his new novel ‘Freedom’ at a press buffet in rich man’s New York. He talks of the ‘slavery of slaves’ and how his book can save pretty much everyone, even plants.

‘Alien the Obscure’ by Thomas Hardy and Blinky L. Frostern is released. Title left unexplained.

Hong Kong model Jessica C finishes her first novel, ‘Pretty Bitch’. She tells journalists she feels “so tired” after writing “so hard” for “so long”, and is looking forward to just “being pretty again.”



Agents insist the market is booming.

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‘Charcoal’ [My new book] Vs Publication!

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Earlier this year I wrote a miserable book called ‘Charcoal’, about a guy trying to save a Korean model from suicide.

Good news, it’s been picked up and will be published in October by Eight Cuts Gallery Press.

I’ll put up more info about that sometime in September

If you wanna buy my other book [Benny Platonov – a guy trying to save the homeless in HK], which was released through YEAR ZERO  then you can now get it at:

After School, Causeway Bay – there are five copies there, but the owner said books sometimes get stolen. Will mine be next?

Joyce is not here, Soho, Central – seven copies here…

Kubrick Cafe, Yau ma Tei – six copies, next to Bolano’s ‘Savage Detectives’ I think…

Albion Beatnik, Oxford, UK – Never been to this place and have no idea why they have my book, but they do, so…

If you don’t know where any of these places are, or if you had a really shit experience in one of them and can’t face going back, you can buy online here:

I gotta warn you that the online version is expensive, and the book itself is an overwritten piece of shit, but it has a great quote on the back…

What else?

There will be a new magazine out at the end of August…on the front cover there will be Bill Murray and Japanese people…


Charcoal [an excerpt]

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[This is the first 11 pages of my new novel. It’s a lonely piece, but hopefully not miserable. If it is miserable then just stop reading and click onto something else. Tomomi at the HK film festival maybe? If you get to the end and like it, please write a comment and tell me why. If you think it’s shit, tell me why. Thanks.]

Why Peter O’ Toole let go. Why Bodhi went back into the storm…

I watch Michael Portillo fake-dying on TV.

It’s almost 2am and he’s trying to find the perfect way to execute prisoners.

My housemate is asleep, and I don’t have to work until late the next day, so I stay up and stretch out on the couch and focus on the screen.


For a few weeks, I’ve been interested in suicide.

Not for myself, but the idea of it.

At least I don’t think it’s for myself.

But it would be nice to know there’s a way…that there’s a way to do it, if things really were that bad.

Something non violent, non painful.

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