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At the Hong Kong Film Festival [with Tomomi Leung]

In Tomomi Leung on April 11, 2010 at 2:58 pm


That’s right, dudes, I’m in Hong Kong.

It’s not really a long story either. There I was in my shitty LA apartment, which is actually just a few apartments down from where Bukowski lived…y’know, the dude who used to fuck around a lot and drink fridges dry…okay, he didn’t live there exactly, more like stayed a few nights…see, the woman he was fucking, she used to live there and, yeah, I know, not much of a trophy, but I’m actually kinda low right now so I’m gonna hold up whatever I can, y’know? [Yeah, if you really have to know, I got dropped from ‘The A Team’ and another thing I can’t really talk about…fucking hierarchies…even in post, you never know if you’re actually in it]… Read the rest of this entry »