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Sitting next to FRANK [words by R John XP]

In R John XP on March 4, 2010 at 12:53 pm

Sitting next to Frank, chain-smoke billowing around the curved wine glass I slowly drained, in swigs and gulps. I stared at the inexpensive dark purple liquid and lit another cigarette as the other’s crushed ashes still smoldered. The overweight bartender, whose un-endearing propensity to misinterpret my late night mumbling for the tallying of the bill, waded back and forth, waving his arms in the agitated dance of his funny anecdotes. As the bar cornered, the conversation shifted between intimacy and lunacy, redundancy and tomfoolery. I was miserable, except for my wine.

– Dude did you hear about Dwid breaking his nose? Frank’s goatee looked solemn and concerned.

– No. What happened?

– Well, you know Blaze?

– Yeah. No, is he the guy, wait a minute, what does he look like?

– He’s a lanky kid with dark hair…

– Yeah, kinda oriental looking motherfucker?

– I guess, he wears baggy pants and those little loafers, so yeah, kinda kung-foo.

– Yeah, then I know the kid, he was playing poker last night at Sam’s party. He went to Europe with Integrity?

– I don’t know about poker, but yeah he went on tour with Integ, sure ‘cuz that is when Dwid got his nose busted. Read the rest of this entry »