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The Imaginarium[?] of Gupter Puncher[-uss]

In Gupter Puncher/Oli Johns on August 11, 2010 at 4:42 pm

 I am Ben Kingsley from Sexy Beast.

You’re gonna draw them, Sarah. You’re gonna do it. You’re gonna do it. Yes. Yes. You are. You’re gonna draw them. Why not? Why not? You’ve got no reason, why not? Do it. Do it. Do it. You’ve gotta do it, so you’re doing it. Yes. Yes. What? What’s that? Too busy at school? What school? You don’t go to school, you’re lying. You’re fucking lying to me. School work? Don’t fuck with me, Sarah, just draw ’em. Yes. You’re doing it. Get your pencil, you’re drawing ’em. You’re doing it. No? Yes. Yes. Yes. Stop pushing me, you’re-…No? Fuck you. Fuck you, you’re doing it. You’re fucking doing it. Don’t shake your head, you’re fucking doing it.


I am Matthew McConnaghey from Dazed and Confused.

The girl asked me what I was like before I came to Hong Kong. How do you mean, I said back. Like my character? Is that what you mean? And she said, yeah, like your character. Like, I don’t know, were you any good at sports? Were you a cool kid or a geek? And I shrugged, knowing the truth was a little different to the line I was about to choose, and said, I wouldn’t say geek, but I wouldn’t say cool. And I laughed. Which means I was cool by the way. And she laughed too. And the sports? Yeah, I was a sportsman. Pretty good with a ball at my feet. Were you a cheerleader? No, she said. Sorry. And I put my arm around her and said, hey, it’s no big deal. But it’d be cooler if you were. Read the rest of this entry »